South Mountain Creamery

Situated in Middletown, MD, South Mountain Creamery is a dairy farm that bottles their own milk, makes their own butter, yogurt, and ice cream. Established in 1981 by Randy and Karen Sowers, the creamery became the first farm-dairy processing plant in Maryland. Cows are grassfed and pasture raised. They are milked 50 yards away from the production plant and within 12 hours, the milk is bottled or made into yogurt, cream, butter, sour cream, or ice cream. The incredible flavor and the nutritional value of South Mountain Creamery’s dairy products can be attributed to the freshness of the milk and the comfort of their cows.

Here at Bread and Butter Kitchen, we utilize the milk, half and half, heavy cream and yogurt in our recipes. We also offer their products for purchase, so you can grab a gallon of milk or some yogurt when you stop in to eat.

Visit the South Mountain Creamery website to learn more.